Welcome to a new world, to a community where adults can role-play in a fantasy world with mature themes that explore deeper meanings. Welcome to a darker side of fantasy.

Midnight Passions was built to connect adults that have been looking for a better place to role-play together online. Adults that want to explore darker storylines in a safe, youth-free enviroment. We offer a streaming role play chat as well as forums to make full use of the growing world of Midnight Passions. And to keep the game exciting, there are a few rules, stats, and maps designed to provide a common field of reference for all players. In its purest form, its a cooperative story created between participants. Even if you have never played a role-playing game before, you are still welcome to join!

RP Chat

With your account you will have access to the following services and features:

  • Real Time Chat - This is the heart of Midnight Passions; this is where a majority of role-playing takes place. MP's chat conducts in real time, no waiting for hours or days for a response that might never come.
  • Personal Web Page - Use it to create your own personal online identity or other role-playing related website that will be listed in one of our community directories.
  • Full-Featured Discussion Forums - Our forums are designed for storytellers that like to expand upon and share the role plays that take place in chat.

Ravish WebRing

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