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Welcome to Midnight Passions's forums. There are 82 posts in 36 threads spread across 8 forums!

  Forum Threads Posts Views Last Post
The Welcome Center - New member introductions and OOC Chatter!
New to the site? Introduce yourself here.
11 28 0/125 Mon, Mar 14th - 7:50PM
Gossip Column
Out of Character chatter, including questions to the owners.
7 16 0/90 Mon, Oct 19th - 8:37AM
By the Hearth - IC tales from Midnight Isle, Vvrock'uvin & Island of the Damned
Midnight Isle
Tales of love, loss, lust and violence from Midnight Isle.
3 4 0/326 Mon, Oct 12th - 9:50PM
Island of the Dreams
Stories of struggle and triumph from the Island of the Dreams
4 5 0/11 Wed, Feb 3rd - 0:20AM
Accounts and rumors of treachery and victory from the Underdark's drow capital, Vvrock'uvin.
1 1 0/11 Fri, Oct 16th - 11:12PM
Western Keys
Tales of the Elves, Faeries & Fae on the Western Keys.
0 0 0/0
The Library
Play By Post for places outside of Midnight Realms.
1 16 0/8 Mon, Nov 23rd - 11:04AM
Release Your Inner Beast

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