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Restricted to Adults

Midnight Passions welcomes you and hopes you will enjoy your time spent gaming here. As with any game there are rules that need to be followed. Listed here are the site rules for playing at Midnight Passions. We strongly urge you to take these rules seriously; they have been put into place in order to facilitate fair play among all and to create an environment where each player can have the most fun possible. Although we would hate to do it, breaking these rules could result in temporary or permanent banning from the site.

Keep in mind this is not a general chat site, we at Midnight Passions strive to maintain a certain atmosphere within chat and expect our members to be familiar with and follow the site rules. It is a privately owned site that has been opened free of charge, it is a privilege to game here, not a right.

These rules are subject to change as deemed necessary by the owners of this site.

Chat Rules at a Glance

Character Images  Character Chambers Links Etiquette Language & Posts

Realm Keepers and NPCs Players, NPCs & Familiars Lurking

Combat Stat Limits for Character Changes Violence Technology

Character Images

As artists, we understand the desire to find just the right picture to represent your character. At this site we do allow sexual imagry to be shown in images used in chat. Keep in mind that as a user in our chat on a public machine or at work, that it is up to you to turn off the use of images under Setttings.

However, any image that displays expilict images of minors or those that are preceived as minors will be taken down. Final approval for chat images rests with management.

Also, we know that one can search for hours or days to find just the right image for your character. Occasionally, someone will inadvertently end up with an image that another person is using. Management will remove duplicate images. To be fair and to cut down on confusion; the member having the image first will retain it. This extends to the Character Chambers as well.

Members may claim up to 3 images for their character.


Character Chambers

Home page requirements are found here.

Until a character chamber has been completed and linked to the chat name, members may not engage in role play in public rooms of Midnight Passions, regardless of the realm. This does not apply to members new to the site but does affect new characters for existing members.

Within Character Chambers any link offsite must be clearly stated.

No chats or forums allowed in Character Chambers.

We ask that all chambers must list the character's stats and a physical description.

These are small things that make a big difference, speed along role plays by having the necessary info easily found and consistent for all members.



Anyone posting links to websites dealing with illegal activities will be removed from the site.



General Internet etiquette applies whether you are IC or OOC. There is no way we could write up a whole document on what all that behavior is, but there are a few points that need to be touched on for they are particularly sensitive.

Giving away any sort of real life information about the person behind the character is particularly bad. This includes the handle names of other characters the person plays.

Flaming is not allowed, except by dragons and a few pyro-prone magicians.


Language and Posts

Midnight Passions has standards above other chats and we strive to keep a great community of experienced and/or enthusiastic role players. But we also have a certain ambience within the chat and always have. We are fussy about chat names, settings, themes and races. And now after a couple of years of watching and debating, we have decided it's time to act upon the narrative styles used throughout the chat.

Going forward, within the chat, 1st person and 3rd person, present tense, are preferred. 3rd person, past tense, is tolerated. 3rd person, future tense is no longer permitted in role play at Midnight Passions.

What is 3rd person, future tense? An example:She would enter the inn and sit down. She would order her coffee. She would flick a peanut at the barkeep.

It is the use of the word 'would' or 'will' that makes it future tense and while it is popular on IRC channels, it is not something permitted in the chat rooms of Midnight Passions.

We do no allow messenger slang or Leetspeak at Midnight Passions.


Lurking within IC Chat Rooms

Lurking is tolerated.

However - Realm Keepers and Game Masters may ask members not participating to leave a game/chat room. Members do not have that privilege in an IC room and are to not tell other members to leave a public chat room.

Characters may not lurk in a room with the purpose of gathering information "in character". A character must be actively participating in order to use any information revealed in an IC room and may not use any information talked about in the Welcome Lounge.

Members may not leap into rooms for the sole purpose of gaining the log then leaving again. Members found doing that will warned of the rule. Second offense could lead to a suspension.


OOC vs. IC

We understand the necessity for OOC clarification during role-play; we have private messaging for that purpose. Be courteous to your fellow role player and keep IC rooms In Character. We provide the Welcome Lounge for everyday chitchat, private rooms for your convenience as well.

AFKs, BAKs, posting that you are leaving, posts for typos and clarification of a post or an attack are acceptable to do in public rooms. If the clarification does not need to be viewed by everyone, then use /msg. Use /msg for your WB and personal goodbyes. If you are in a public room with a friend and are OOC, confine your conversation to /msg, or go to the lounge or a private room.


Realm Keepers and NPCs

Realm Keepers have spent time and energy in creating their realms. These RK's have gone that extra mile because they love to rp and they wish to share their creations. Of course, they cannot be here all the time to answer questions and interact with everyone gaming in their rooms. Common sense prevails during Realm Keeper or Moderator absence; buildings such as taverns will not be unattended, bartenders and hotel clerks always on duty, guards patrol castles, cities, markets and harbors. This is a world populated by many diverse creatures and people; play like they are there.

Realm Keepers are the final authority in their rooms. It is very important to consult them with questions or before posting any significant changes.


Members, NPCs and Familiars

Players with NPCs or familiars may have one stat of 11, all other stats fall under it. RKs and GMs are exempt from this. Players with NPCs may run 2 maximum. Consider making important NPCs into PCs.



We understand that you are impatient to get into chat and role-play. We also understand that when a person has not read the rules regarding battle, role-plays grind to a halt while someone explains the fighting system here. Please do yourself and us the favor of reading the Rules for Combat fully before engaging in a fight. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the system.

For your convenience a link to the Combat Rules can be found in Chat in the Help section.


Stat Limits for Character Additions

Current rules concerning Stat Limits are listed under Character Stats.


Violence in Chat

Above all else, one must feel comfortable with the role-playing that is happening and it is meant to be fun for all. What is heart-pounding excitement for one person might upset or outrage others involved. Do not, under any circumstances, proceed with a scene involving excessive violence, torture, rape, or murder until you have obtained consent from the other player or players involved.

Some people enjoy playing out every aspect of their character, gore and all. Others do not. Talk about it OOC, scenes can be abbreviated; situations implied but not role-played out. Respect each person's boundaries.


Technology on the World

There are no guns or advanced technology in general within Midnight Passions. Period. No matter how much you plead, beg, or cajole us, we will not allow technology in any shape or form, be it handguns, giant robots, thermonuclear bombs, or even BIC lighters. This is an intrinsic part of the world we've created. Please respect that.

Failure to comply with these standards can result in you being banned from the site.


Release your Inner Beast

Unless stated otherwise, all content Midnight Realms, 2017. All rights reserved.

Reproduction of material from any Midnight Realms pages without written permission is strictly prohibited.

Use of this site signifies your agreement to the Terms of Service and the Code of Conduct.

Copyright information to other games and artists that are not a part of Midnight Realms.

Gaming material and artwork are used on this website merely as reference and as such is not a challenge to their respective copyrights.