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spacer.gif   The Island Saga, Chapter 1
Posted by: Rook on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 12:25 PM
Midnight Isle *The jungles of Midnight Isle hum with wild energy created by the sway of the tropical leaves and the music of exotic birds.

* Thorne drops his shirt to the side, revealing his pale chest, "Look up at me. I want to look into your eyes." Even if it is against a tree, he wants to see all of her. Sericea's fingers work the top button of his pants free, there will be no turning back. Fingers brush up her delicate neck, curl around to free the clasp of her dress at the back. As the narrow band of cloth tumbles down, his hands follow. The fabric is lost as he grips the firm swell of her beautiful, bare breast.

*The roar of an animal forces his hand still. The call is loud. Close.

* Thorne's senses nudge him, but it isn't enough of a warning to prevent him from wrapping one hand between her lower back and the tree. He has the only thing that has ever mattered to him. Nothing could stop their passion. His lips make contact with hers; hungry and powerful. Thoughts swim through the connection, <<Sericea... Oh Sericea! >>

* Sericea lets her head drop back against the tree behind her. Her lips part in the kiss to release a passionate moan. Every pull from his lips is heaven and she lets the past go. Thorne is now her future! She needs this like she never imagined. So close to losing her mind, he finally is giving her something that will draw her back. Hands grip his shoulders, letting him take over her world. Frustration builds because she isn't any nearer to touching his cock than she had been when their clothes were intact. She is far from a patient woman. Sounds of thrashing leaves intrude, an annoyance she's willing to ignore. When he pushes her head aside and lowers to suck upon her neck, she makes her move and slips her hand into the opening of his pants, quickly taking his thick heat in her fingers. She gasps, like it was her intimate part that was just touched. "Oh, gods, Thorne!" She gives him a tug, loving how the hot velvet moves over the steel core. "I can't wait. I don't want to wait! Thorne, I need you right now! If you really love me, you won't make me suffer any longer!"

* Thorne gasps for breath, the stroke perfectly hot and wonderful. The corner of his lips lift in a telling grin. Just as he fists the fabric of her skirt, the howl of a tiger sends all of his body into high alert. That beast is right behind him! No matter how turned on Thorne is, Sericea's safety is paramount. That something so savage could be so near overrides everything. "NO!" He lowers against her, shielding his lover from what must be a surging assault.

* Tempest manages to evade Rook once more. He spins to face the enraged tiger. But rather than finding a howling face etched with fury, he sees only the streak of a tail bounding away. "No," he growls before pursuing him. Knowing that he's no match for the tiger's pace, he casts. Magic flows, turning him into a burst of speed. Leaves blast out of his path as he surges toward his target. Thick arms embrace the tiger's large torso, momentum sends the pair tumbling. Claws tear, fangs rend, fur and flesh and battle cries fill the jungle until both wear crimson like war paint. He ends up on his feet, Rook's claws have raked open his side to his ribs but he's not going to stop, never going to stop. Facing the tiger's fury, he realizes just how much this man-beast means to him. Staring into those ferocious green eyes, Tempest knows, he will never let him go. Not because Rook is his but because he wants to be with him.

* Rook feels only betrayal and fury. This red haired demon played him for a fool. The last few months were all an illusion, he realizes now. Happiness was just something to make him complacent, to keep him from fighting like he should have been all along. With a howl of rage, he leaps. One large paw makes contact with the man's face, talons dig in deep, tearing through the fleshy eye socket and the eye itself!

* Tempest can no more hold back his scream of pain than he can stop the sun from rising. His hands flash upwards, strike at Rook's paw even as it curls further into his flesh. He connects but not in the way he would have imagined. The connection yanks the ruined eye free. Tempest stumbles backwards, his boot hitting a thick root that trips him up and sends him falling backwards. Survival mode kicks in even as he's falling to what must be his certain death and the air around him charges potently. A bolt of lightning sizzles towards the tiger's exposed chest as he comes barreling after him, murder in his eyes.

* Rook doesn't have time to even rejoice in the satisfying pop of skin and the crunch of bone. Blood fills his senses, exactly what he's been craving for months. It screams for more, take MORE! So he does. He launches toward the fleshy meat beneath him, knowing he will finally dine well on what has been denied him for so long. The air crackles and just as he is about to earn his reward, a blast sends him flying backward through the underbrush until he lands with a solid thud. A buzzing fills his senses, then darkness.

*Thorne leaps over a fallen tree, the scent of all that blood impossible not to track. Untangling from Sericea's grip and embrace was quite possibly the most painful thing he's ever done. But he had to see for himself. The destruction to the battlefield is insane. It is the streak of copper hair on the jungle floor that helps him pinpoint the body, "It's Tempest!" He should take Sericea home. There is a moment's hesitation. His gut tells him this isn't their affair, they should leave him here. Tempest doesn't even know him. But the damage done to Tempest's face stills those unkind thoughts, "I have to see to him. Hide here."

* Sericea can't take her eyes off of the ruin of Tempest's face as she finishes adjusting the back of her dress. Numb, she nods but doesn't move. Tiger. She heard a tiger roar. The aroma of burned flesh sends her over to the other side of the destruction, where she finds the tiger with his chest now blackened and boiled, clearly hit by magic. White fur. Tremendous injuries that would kill a lesser beast. The puzzle snaps into place. "By the gods, it's Rook!" Therianthropes, like this weretiger, were forbidden to live on Midnight Isle, which meant that Rook would be killed if this were discovered. Tempest, a respected business owner, would likely be killed for assisting him. And now Sericea and Thorne were in danger because of this discovery, too.

* Rook draws in a deep breath as consciousness returns. He shifts a foreleg under his large chest, completely disorientated. The air continues to buzz with electricity, and he can't tell which direction is which. Somehow he pushes up to his feet, staggers into a tree when the world tips to the side.

* Tempest jerks his vision upwards away from the jungle floor he's staring at while scrambling away from certain death. Leaves and dirt stick to his bloody fingers as his good eye seeks out whoever is behind him. Not Rook, but rather a blue-haired half-naked elf. "You better run as fucking fast as you possibly can!" Lurching to his feet, one hand cradles the burning agony that is now his face. Thrown off balance by the loss of his eye, he staggers then goes down.

* Thorne kneels, curls his hand over Tempest's shoulder. "Just wait here. I'll see what I can do!" He needs to see to Tempest, but he isn't going to just let Sericea get attacked by Rook. Without waiting to see to Tempest further, Thorne takes off in the direction of his sister. << Be careful! >> He follows her essence, knows the pulse of it like he knows no other.

* Sericea skips to the side, dodging what looks like a hand full of bloodied skin, "Gross!" Then suddenly she loses her balance on absolutely nothing, and falls gracelessly within sight of the one man that always turns her into an ungraceful goose. Rook.

* Rook still wears the form of his curse, his pale green eyes roll once more before snapping into place. Fresh meat is right in front of him, he can smell her fear. Lifting his paw, he still has some of that eyeball attached to his claw. With a lick, he swallows down the chunks like candy. A deep growl rumbles in his chest and then he launches forward. Tempest is his goal, not this little girl. But she is in his path!

* Tempest crawls, pulls himself along to the tree where Thorne had pinned Seri against, drawn there instinctively and manages to get behind it. He closes his good eye and listens, hopeful that if Rook kills the two of them, he might end up sated enough to turn back. Tempest can feel the lifeforce of the two lovers. He can hear Rook's cry. Tempest swears right there that Rook will never be allowed a chance to get away again.

* Sericea might be down but she's not without her own power. Her hand extends and roots snap up out of the earth with the aroma of damp soil and lash out to snag Rook's back legs to stop him in his tracks.

* Thorne encounters the fight. His heart nearly stops. He lifts a hand and sends a blast of earth upward at the threat.

* Rook launches forward, the vines ensnare his feet, catching him mid leap. And at that second, the giant stone fist connects under his jaw with an audible CRACK, followed by the sloppy thud of Rook hitting the ground.

* Thorne rushes over to Sericea. "You hurt?" His thoughts flow into hers, << I don't know why they are fighting, but we need to get Rook out of here. Under control. Tempest is going to be fine. You wanted to save Rook from slavery, now is our chance. >>

* Sericea shakes her head and takes his hand when it is offered. "Let's do it. You sure he's unconscious?" Sericea got to see those eyes up close and personal. Although Rook has, at times, looked at her with patient disappointment, he's never looked like he wanted to kill her before. "He'll kill us if he can." She starts to step towards the fallen tiger, but Thorne snares her arm in a gentle but firm grip, denying her.

* Tempest sucks in ragged breaths while listening to Rook's fury build once more. Then ... a loud THUD! Followed by the sound of the lovers. Oh hell no! They can't kill him! Throwing himself to the side, he tries to get his vision to focus. Even his good eye is sucking balls, blood and agony blinding him.

* Thorne steps around the clod of earth, mindful of the beast he just connected with. Rook is a bastard but what Thorne just knocked out was frightening and he isn't about to put Sericea in any danger. "I'm sure." Tempest thrashing around has him glancing back to check on the other threat. Tempest isn't going to just let him take Rook. He needs to act. Now. "Hold on tight." Wrapping his arm around his love, he reaches down to touch the top of Rook's shoulder. Mist Form. The moment he triggers the change, all three turn into a soft mist. With a thought, Thorne sends all soaring toward the other end of the island.

* Sericea has time to think while Thorne gets them out of there. They had been so close! SO CLOSE!! And then the impossible happened. They should have left his fuzzy white butt on the jungle floor for Tempest to deal with! Leave it to Rook to ruin the first night of the rest of her life! He truly is a Jackass. With a capital J!

* Tempest can't believe what he just saw! Or thinks he saw. "What?! NOOO!" He lurches awkwardly to his feet, his howl of anger can be felt by the fleeing mist.

* Thorne moves with a speed more like lightning and less like a plodding mist. Traveling southward, it only takes minutes to reach the far side of the island. But he doesn't stop. Rook is obviously a weretiger, and he has been a prisoner, if not marked as a slave. Thorne doesn't know where he is going, he just goes. Goes over the southern sea and out over the ocean where he picks up speed, pushing himself. If ships can make it, he can make it. He just has to make it before sunrise.

Note: The Island Saga will be an ongoing publication made up from the chat buffers of Sericea and my role plays. A few changes have been made to clean up redundancies and typos, but for the most part what you read here is what we wrote. Our hope is that you find it as entertaining as we do. Keep in mind that the topics can be very mature, including depictions of blood and lifestyles that some might not approve. If you find such things distasteful, don't read it.

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