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spacer.gif   The Island Saga, Chapter 2
Posted by: Thorne on Friday, July 19, 2013 - 04:33 PM
Island of the Damned * Sericea feels the first pang of unease within minutes of losing sight of the land. Her thoughts fill his, <<What are you doing? Why aren't we going home? Rook has a horrible burn in his chest, you need to see to it!>>

* Thorne continues to send the three forward, <<I'm taking us to the Island of the Damned. Tempest can't follow us there. If I took us home, he would find us in a heartbeat.>> The big problem with this plan is that Thorne has no idea where the other island exists. Not only that, but if he and Sericea end up out in the open when the sun rises, the two Ancient Children would end up very dead. <<Trust me.>> He will trust that the Moon Sisters will guide him. South. He knows the other island is south. Far south. This is the right decision.

* Sericea doesn't agree. <<You think taking Rook to another island is going to keep Tempest from tracking him down? Not to mention hunting us for taking him away? Really? You need to run that through your mind right now. We have no idea how far away it is. What if it's further than we can go in one night?>>

* Thorne would frown if he werenít currently a mist. Is this doubt? That doubt only spurs his determination. It can't be impossible to find. He just needs to have faith. Beneath them, the waves blur into gray. An hour passes. Then another hour. Thorne continues to push the three faster than any winged creature could travel. He doesn't even slow when passing the point of no return, knowing full well that should he turn around the sun would rise before he could make it back to Midnight Isle. The Island of the Damned is now their only hope.

* Sericea has hours to wonder if her brother is taking this death trek on purpose. Would he doom both of them rather than chance another close call like what just happened in the jungle? She doesn't want to die but she couldn't face the world without him. What does that mean? She has survived without her husband. Without her daughter. But would she choose death rather than live without her brother?

* Thorne's reward is granted in the form of tiny shadows darting along the distant waves. Bats! Naturally it would be bats that would herald their salvation. Giant swells become white capped waves and eventually rocky lines of shore. Cliffs. He needs a cave. He billows across the jagged tree line and over to an uneven cluster of stones. There he finds a narrow opening. Streaking inside, past the stink of animals, he finally slows down, lowers, and releases all from the spell of the mist. With a gasp of air, he lands on his knees. All of him shakes, the sudden drop in momentum feels like he hit a wall.

* Sericea doesn't lose her balance although Rook hits the floor with a loud THUD. Again. The level of Thorne's fatigue frightens her. Turning toward her brother, she lowers to her knees and looks him straight in the eyes. "I'll yell at you later. You drink first because if Rook wakes, he's going to shred both of us." Fingers brush over his cheek before thrusting back into the thick mane of hair he has taken to wearing here, the semi-wild look that is so very different than the polished Thorne of Ravnglade. "Don't even think about arguing with me."

* Thorne doesn't argue, though the look he gives suggests that he thinks that he should. "Thank you." Arms quivering from exhaustion slide around the woman before him and lets his weight settle into her. His mouth opens. His bites are always respectful of what is being offered to him. With gentle strength, his fangs sink into her neck, just deep enough for him to pierce into a steady flow before he wraps his lips over the injury. <<That is not a trip I wish to take again.>>

* Sericea stares at the unconscious form of Rook on the floor, her hands slide slowly down Thorne's glistening back. She can't explore him like she wants, not with Rook right there. "You're going to, Thorne Masque. I'm not about to spend the rest of my life in some cold cave." Every pull from his lips has a little bit of her anger diminishing, makes her scoot a little closer to seek out the damp heat of his body, desperate to capture it.

* Thorne drinks until his heart rate slows and his breathing returns to normal again. A few precious minutes. With a tender kiss, he seals the wound and lifts away. "Thank you, again." He turns toward Rook. Of course, it would be Rook that interfered. While shaking his head, Thorne inches closer to the pale man, "Even here." A push to the man's shoulders, and Rook settles onto his back. Like this, Rook hardly resembles the terrifying beast that was tearing through the jungle. "So he is a therianthrope." That almost breaks Thorne's heart. "I wonder if Tempest can handle the taste of his blood." How terrible it would be to not be able to share that part of yourself with someone.

* Rook is naked. What remains of his chest is a charred and blistered mess, the lightning that hit him should have killed him. His long white hair is a tangled mess of mud, blood, and twigs, it crosses his face like a spider's web. His body is a wreck, this is far worse than any lover's spat that he had with Tempest in the past. The only thing he wears is a silver necklace.

* Thorne has had countless conversations with Sericea over who exactly Rook and Tempest really are. With surprising gentleness, Thorne's fingers brush through the man's snowy hair to reveal the features of his face. Blood splattered and bruised, it isn't all that out of character and that makes Thorne smile slightly. "He looks exactly like him." Fights just like him, too. Clumsy and awkward, like a bull in a crystal shop. "I think that Tempest lost his eye. We can't ignore that either. This place is almost recreating them." Of course, they had to interrupt an almost sexual moment. Thorne lifts one eyebrow and says softly, "They're just as selfish as always, even here. His blood is different, though."

* Sericea sits back slowly, resting on the now highly uncomfortable high heels she has on, her hands grip her thighs tight. "I don't feel anything from him, either." Her gaze rests on his battered face before lifting. "If this place is recreating Tempest and Rook's reality here on the ... there on the Isle .. are you absolutely certain we aren't in the Hells? I've come to terms with the fact that we are lost to that world and I won't see the Chancellor again. But, if he shows up here but is different, only the same, and doesn't have a clue who I am," she pauses, unsure what to say but finally concludes with, "I'm not going to lose you again." Her lifemate is beyond her reach. But her twin brother is here and to her that means that the bond she shares with him is even stronger than that with her lifemate.

* Thorne 's eyes lift, "You're not going to lose me." Even though he is shirtless and spattered with Rook's blood he reaches for Sericea's hand, "You're never going to lose me. Don't think that way. I don't have answers, I would give them to you if I knew. This place is terrible, and if I thought that somewhere out there was my Lizabeth, I would search endless hours for her. And I know you would do the same for Remington." And that brings up an interesting point. Tempest will come looking for Rook. They are destined to be together. "We will know more after I let him wake."

* Sericea laces her fingers with his, "I love you," she mouths rather than vocalize it. "I'm living without him. Each night comes and I waken. And I go on. I can't live without you. If we were to go back this instant, I can't give you up."

* Thorne 's other hand lifts to her cheek. "There is no need to worry about that. I have always and will always love you. Our destinies are intertwined and I will never leave your side." He doesn't know exactly what that means, how they would be together and also with their chosen lifemates, but right now it is irrelevant. Rather than put her through any more pain, he stands. A tug to her hands wills her to stand with him. Hand in hand, he escorts her over to the crystal clear pond in the far corner of the cavern, "Let me clean you."

* Sericea slips out of her shoes. "Have I ever once turned down your pampering?" She asks with a knowing look from under her long, dark lashes.

* Thorne smiles as he kneels with her. "Never once." Lacking any free cloth, he just cups his hand into the water, then with damp fingers he strokes them over her cheek. After clearing away one mark he dips his fingers back into the water and to whisper a word of purification so her blood doesn't remain. Another brush over her chin removes a second splotch of blood. "You're beautiful."

* Sericea drops her gaze, her lashes lower and her lips part ever-so slightly. She reaches forward to glide her fingertips up his ribs while he continues to remove the remnants of the jungle from her pale flesh. "Do you ever wonder why Lizabeth and the Chancellor were so different from you and I?" Remington was so tall and his muscles were thick where Thorne is lean and not so tall. And Lizabeth was shorter, more lithe where Sericea is curvaceous like her mother.

* Thorne smiles just a little bit, though there is a gulf of pain in that smile. "There was a time I found myself confused, in the beginning. I didn't want to offend Lizabeth in any way, so I kept myself from dwelling for too long on the subject." He wipes another streak of blood from his sister's neck, this one is Rook's and he smells it before washing it from his fingertips. The animal in him is so deep, it is a wonder others don't smell it in him. Or that he didn't know sooner. "I let her make her clothing even though I could have bought her a whole wardrobe. I didn't want to overpower her with the insanity that is our family, even the good insanity. And I just loved her, because she was so pure. Like a daisy." His hand lowers and for a moment he forgets just what he is doing, all he can think of is his Lizabeth, and how deep the hurt is that she is not here. "She made these dresses..." And he finds he can't go on. So he stops there, because there is no point. She is gone from him. "We should get a fire going. "

* Sericea opens her eyes to find him looking away. She doesn't need to see the tears to know they are there. She can feel them in his heart, that's how close she is to him. Without a word, she leans forward and wraps her arms around him, holding him close. Her cheek comes to rest upon his shoulder. Naturally, her story isn't anywhere near so romantic. She fed from him and got caught. He didn't know what to do with her when he found himself attracted when he shouldn't be. He wanted her mother. And that made her all the more determined to make him want her. Never did she imagine that she would actually fall in love with him. But she did. Although she will talk of Remington, she refuses to say a word about her daughter, the other life now lost to her. "We have to go to ground soon," she reminds Thorne after his strange request about the fire. But before he speaks, she remembers that Rook is here. Naked. On the cave floor. "Rook." Reluctantly, she loosens her arms. "We're not going to find wood down here."

* Thorne draws in a breath, the mentioning of wood snaps him out of the gauzy memories he has of his lovely wife. "You're right." He looks up toward the entrance, he could leave and get something or hope that Rook is good enough here without it. "I could pull him under with us," stop his breathing, halt his heart. Thorne knows this is a safe place to sleep, animals wouldn't wander into a cave so deep and the cavern is too shallow for monsters to call it home. "Is that acceptable?"

* Sericea glances quickly at Rook then brings her attention back to Thorne. "So long as you bathe first. With me." She reaches behind her to unclasp the top of her dress, letting the material fall over her breasts. And as she stands, she pushes the dress over the flare of her hips, letting the black material pool at her feet. Clad in this cavern wearing stockings, panties and a garterbelt, she holds out her hand. "Join me."

* Thorne takes her hand and stands. Just seeing her standing there, so bare to his gaze, is enough to rekindle a different fire. Fingers work the metal of his belt, loosening it before he lets the weight of it pull his pants down to the ground. The shoes he wears are tailored for his feet, and they slip off as he steps out of them and the rest of his clothing. One step forward, then the other and he is completely naked. His erection bobs hard, desire building quickly.

* Sericea grins as his cock grows while she watches. A wild heat flushes her pale cheeks. With her heart suddenly pounding, she takes a step back, trying to be the seductress she was born to be. A large rock serves to elevate her foot while she unhooks a stocking then precedes to roll it down her shapely leg. The other follows. The garter is next and last she shimmies out of the black panties so she is as naked as he. Thorne doesn't immediately step forward, so she reaches for his hands. Once she has secured them both, she steps backwards to the edge of the pool.

* Thorne walks with her, his eyes on her eyes. He is aware of the beautifully voluptuous shape of her breasts. She is nothing at all like his Lizabeth. Other than both women he loves are completely, unashamedly, and confidently certain in who they are. She enters the pool first, and he follows. The water is cool but not cold. And crystal clear. The pool grows deeper quickly, it doesn't take long for the water to surge up to his knees, thighs, and then finally up over his cock. He flinches when the water touches it, the cool embrace almost too much to handle by a part of his body that just wants to bury itself in warmth. "Wow." He shivers and laughs. "That was unexpectedly chilly."

* Sericea finds the contrast incredible, making her tingle all over where the water kisses her, especially the molten heat between her legs. She's so high right now, nothing is going to tear her down, not even the chill of the water. While he steadies himself, she makes the situation worse by splashing water onto his blood graffitied chest. "You are such a baby sometimes." She laughs softly when his pale flesh goosebumps and he tries to spring away. "Fine. You don't want the chilly water?" And with that, she moves closer. Before Thorne can react, she sweeps her tongue over the top of his chest. The swift motions causes the tip of his cock to tease across her belly, making her ache with need.

* Thorne's eyes widen. That is Rook's blood and his first instinct is to yell and demand she spit out that poison. He clutches her shoulder to prevent her from continuing. Reason and curiosity cause him to pause, "Does it taste.. like him?" That question comes out far more growly than he intends.

* Sericea sweeps the tip of her tongue over her bottom lip. That deep, possessive growl does incredible things to her insides. It's a powerful aphrodisiac to know she hit a nerve of jealousy inside Thorne with just a taste of Rook's blood. She's had Rook's poisoned blood before and right now that memory flashes in her mind. With a nod and a slow curving of her lips, she elaborates, "Yes. And no. There is no bitterness to it like before. But there is the wildness of his animal side. Hot. Sensual. And still full of fury."

* Thorne 's eyes quickly narrow. Hot? Sensual? Doesn't matter that those words completely describe Rook and he wouldn't deny them. Coming from you at this moment in time he doesn't find them particularly flattering. He moves quickly. He pushes away to prevent her from dipping further into the crimson stains. "I will clean myself from now on. Stay away from him." As a matter of fact, now he should take his furry ass back to Tempest and forget all about the pair. Stepping deeper into the water, he splashes his chest, and the water taints quickly with lines of red.

* Sericea watches him stalk away, the smile remains. She'll let him clean himself if that's what he wants. Thorne's back is tense, his movements angered. Stepping forward, her lips brush the back of his shoulder while an arm slip around his waist. Then the heat of her breasts settles against his back, her thighs at the back of his legs. "Or?" She taunts quietly.

* Thorne is really good at being the romantic, sweet man that he knows he is supposed to be. But Sericea pushes him in ways Lizabeth never would have. Her taunt is enough to have him spin around, grab her, then hike her over to the nearest wall. "Don't... don't tease me!" His eyes dip down to her mouth, the satisfied smile he finds there makes him lean in quick to wrap her lips up in possessive kiss. He does not like to be toyed with. He breaks off the kiss all too soon, "Don't ... Please."

* Sericea lifts her hands to cup his cheeks, water runs down her arms from the quiet pool. "Forgive me?" Her lips tingle from his hard kiss. He did ask how the blood tasted, she could point that out, but he is exhausted. And aroused. And he has always considered himself her protector. Not others. Like a lifemate.

* Thorne finds his heart pounding in his chest, this is what Sericea does to him. She drives him crazy with her games. And he has never been able to stop her. This storm, up and down and cold and hot, is difficult to navigate but he can't stop himself either. His chin lowers so that his nose brushes softly over hers, "I love you." And it is more than that, "I want you." This is madness, this whole world is insane. And he no longer cares. She is his meaning, and that where he must focus. "You deserve.." He kisses her once more to shut himself up.

* Sericea wants him too! Has wanted this for so damn long that she moans against his lips. From his face, her hands lower to span over the smooth flesh of his chest. So very different that the Chancellor's. Rotating her hands upwards, his nipples create hot points in the center of her palms. Pulling back, she whispers, "You. I deserve you."

* Thorne slides his body up against hers, the wall prevents any sort of retreat. The pool is cool, the air humid, the ground harsh, but he knows that she is right. He needs to give her his life and show just how much he wants her. The barrier of sanity cracks further, he lets his kisses feather lower, down to her glorious neck. Heat builds, his cock hardens, he rubs against her loins. With a gentle shove, his solid head rubs upward, over the mound of her womanhood. His fingers relax, one hand slides up her neck to cradle her chin while the other lowers to fall upon her hip.

* Sericea 's excitement, never far from the surface tonight, rages once more when she can feel his need growing. Another moan, this one louder with him suckling at her neck has her hands gliding down further yet, finding his ass to knead urgently. The next time he moves against her prompts her wrap her fingers around his solid girth, "You're so hard!" She gasps, passion makes her body a living flame under his hands.

* Thorne moans, a deep lusty sound, "For you." The rocks might be jagged and uneven but he is going to be as gentle as he can be. When her knee shifts up along his ribs, he wraps his hands around her hips to provide lift. Her strokes send urgent tingles through his whole body, and he knows there is no turning back now. His fangs descend, his head lifts upward. Her body is wonderful.

* Sericea winds her shapely legs around his back, opening herself. "Only you." She angles his cock towards her and gives her own little rock of her pelvis, drawing his flared crown right through her soft, hot folds. Even through the water, he can feel her hot, slick honey. Seri's heart slams in tandem with his as she waits to be claimed. Her head tips back, offering her throat in an open invitation for him to take what is his. Her thick lashes lift just enough that she gets a view of a very pale face unconscious on the floor. And the moment she sees him, she can't thrust him back out of her mind. A thousand thoughts disrupt the mood completely. That jackass is tainting what should be a perfect moment! And just when she feels the sting of Thorneís fangs, she yanks her head back, leaving deep scratches on her pale flesh. Her fingers tighten around his thick shaft and yanks it upward so when he thrusts, he rides up through her hand. "I can't! We aren't alone," she cries! In the jungle? Great! In a cave? Fine! In water? Terrific!! But not with a witness even if he is unconscious. Her body is primed and on that magical threshold but she doesn't want the taint of anyone, especially ROOK, to witness their most sacred moment ever!

* Thorne 's eyes fly open, his cheeks flush with sudden embarrassment, thinking at first that he did something wrong. But then there is talking and all of his blood is rushing around and he is so very close to having what he's wanted for as long as he can remember... and she is groaning and... not looking at him. "No. No. It is fine." His body screams, this isn't as easy as blowing out a candle. His body now throbs for a release that isn't going to come. And right now all he can think of is -- well he can get rid of the company by snapping its neck -- and that isn't a good thing for him to be thinking. His chin lowers, his teeth clench. "It is fine. Don't feel bad." He shouldn't have let it go this far.

* Sericea shakes her head, her hand still grips him. "I haven't wanted anything so much in my life!!" Despair quickly consumes the passion and a deep sense of loss fills the void. She lowers so that he has to look at her. "I -want- you with every bit of my heart, body and soul!" Tears turn her eyes into glittering gems as her core continues to throb as if sobbing from the denial. "It's not fine and it will never be fine!!"

* Thorne needs to manage this, quickly and efficiently. And she is right to worry because his first thought is to never let it get this far again. He releases his hold of her ass to lift and cup her face again, water streams down his forearms. "Ssshhh.. shh... it's fine. It really is fine. This wasn't the right place and we both know it. It doesn't mean we toss this all away. It just means we dump Rook someplace as soon as we can then we get back to our house. Where we are alone. In our bed. In our private place. And we make this special event be everything it is supposed to be. We've waited so long, we both deserve this to be perfect."

* Sericea finally remembers to release him. Hands lift free from the water to grip his biceps tightly. She searches his eyes, judging the truth of those words from his lips and in his heart. "I love you, Thorne. I've always loved you. I want it perfect! You deserve perfect and he is a giant NOT PERFECT glaring at us!" Groaning, she doesn't stop the tears that spill over, blurring her vision. The next moment her arms wrap tight around his neck and her face buries against him where she lets the grief escape her through shaking sobs.

* Thorne sighs. His arms curl around her, and he is reminded how soft and warm her body is. How hard and full his cock is. How wonderful her blood smells. He lowers to kiss the injuries created by his fangs, lapping softly over them to heal the wound. One hand makes it down her body to hook under her knees and he takes her from the embrace of the water. What is he going to do with her? And what is he going to do with Rook? This is all such a terrible mess. Rather than take her over to the giant not perfect man in the middle of the chamber, he takes her over to the wall and lowers her down to the ground. He shifts his legs and tries to navigate his raging cock into a comfortable position so he can kneel, "It's ok, my love."

* Sericea runs her hand up the side of Thorne's thigh to his hip, the hiccuping sobs slow. Her eyes remain a luminous, brilliant purple from tears that still shimmer there. "Put him to ground then us. I'll die tonight if you're not holding me." She's gone to sleep and woken with him since we were swept away from their home.

* Thorne nods and releases her. He stands, his cock still flushed and demanding, but more under control. He walks over to Rook and glares down at the bloody and bruised lust-killer. For a moment he just gazes down at him. Was there a time when Thorne was a child that he wished he could have Rook and Tempest and not share them with anyone else? Is this nightmare that wish coming true? He doesn't know, he might never know. Thorne lifts a hand and holds it over the prone man. With pressure from his mind, he wills Rook's heart to slow. Slow. Slow. Then pause. With a sweep of that same hand, he pulls the earth up and over him, sealing his body in a blanket of protective rock. Nothing should harm him. Once that is done, Thorne turns and returns to Sericea. The act of stopping Rook's heart quenched the lustful fires inside him. He lowers and sits with his back against the rock, and wraps an arm behind Sericea in a comforting hug. Already he can feel the wave of warm sunlight touching part of this land. They don't have much time now. "Keep an open mind about tomorrow."

* Sericea glares at the spot where Rook had been, even though she feels better just with him out of her sight, she'll never forgive him. Never. Seri rotates up onto her hip to curl against Thorne, her hand comes to rest on his chest. "I'm counting the minutes until we get home." She yawns wide then sniffles, her cheek finally comes to rest against his shoulder. "I love you, Thorne," she murmurs as the sun steals her strength.

* Thorne knows, "I love you too," with the last passing seconds, he places a kiss upon her head and scoots down, wrapping her up in his arms. Just like he would do with Lizabeth, he quiets her heart and breathing, then like he did with Rook, he closes them in stone. It is the only way the pair will stay safe as they sleep through the day. Tomorrow will be significant, and his last waking hope is for it to go smoothly so they can return home.

Note: The Island Saga will be an ongoing publication made up from the chat buffers of Sericea and my role plays. A few changes have been made to clean up redundancies and typos, but for the most part what you read here is what we wrote. Our hope is that you find it as entertaining as we do. Keep in mind that the topics can be very mature, including depictions of blood and lifestyles that some might not approve. If you find such things distasteful, don't read it.

For previous chapters, check out The Island Saga

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