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Training Begins

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Date: Mar 10, 2011 - 10:05 AM
Aldrik sat in the elevated chair, watching the others of his kind enjoy themselves. Bodies writhed and convulsed across the crimson silks and plush pillows that covered the floor, low grunts and growls and other sounds of carnal desires being fulfilled echoing quietly through the room.

But Aldrik sat apart from them, merely watching with a slightly bored frown turning down the corners of his mouth. Even the ministrations of the nubile young vampires that surrounded him did little to ease his dissatisfaction. Dark haired twins stood on either side of him, bare breasts offered up as their hands kneaded his shoulders and neck. A petite blond and a buxom redhead knelt between his legs, hands and lips doing what they could to bring pleasure to their master and each other.

Still the bored expression remained, and after a few more moments he pushed the hands away from his shoulders. " Leave me." Though his voice was low and quiet, the women immediately slunk away from him.

He stood and wove his way through the mass of undulating bodies, and even in their passion they moved out of his path. Through the massive Chateau he walked, going ever downward until he came to a sturdy door made of plain dark wood. Behind it lay a set of smooth stone steps that led into darkness. Down in that subterranean room of cold stone, bound with enchanted chain to a chair that had been bolted to the center of the room, sat the naked form of the vampire who had stolen his kill.

He had kept her, her feral attack and unwillingness to go without a fight the only thing that stayed his hand. Instead of killing her, he decided to keep her. To train her. She had been in this room for weeks, kept weak and barely alive. Now it was time to begin. Stepping up to her, he grabbed a handful of her dirty hair and pulled her head up. " Wake up. Your training starts now."

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