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Sirens of the Isle

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Date: Oct 03, 2011 - 11:48 AM
A century ago the sands of the Midnight Isle were stained red with the blood of betrayal. She had come ashore, ignoring the rules of the truce laid out generations before between those that lived in the sea that those that dwelled on land.

It was for ignoring those rules that the once mighty queen of the waves laid beaten, her beauty marred by swollen features and split skin, her golden hair a mess of matted red and rough sand. The sight she painted upon the disheveled ground only slightly removed the edge of fury felt by the sorcerer who stood above her, magic crackling around his bloodied fists. He could not kill her. He knew that. Death would only free her to be reborn back in her salty kingdom. No. Her immortal soul needed to be contained.

The spells he wove nearly drained every spark of life from the aging man, but he was determined. Twisting tattoos bound the queen to the human form she used to lure the sorcererís son to the beach. But simply denying her a siren form was not enough. She was never to set foot or swim in the ocean again. He would deny her the salty caress of crashing waves, the power that made her great, and the kingdom she ruled for longer than history could recall.

Over the next hundred years her tale faded into nothing more than songs sung by sea faring men and romantic bards. The sirens at sea continued to live by the truce, biding their time until their numbers were great enough to strike and reclaim their queen.

The truce had once protected supply ships carrying imported items that the island itself could not produce. Rare and expensive goods fell victim to the sirensí revenge as fish-tailed beauties attacked merchant vessels, ripping holes in hulls, dragging the ships to the bottom of the sea, and claiming all life onboard in the name of their queen. One ship after another fell until all across the string of islands were affected in one way or another.

Business owners were quickly coming together to discuss the missing shipments, taking their concerns to the port-master who could only say that the ships had disappeared, and that he was reluctant to send out any more for fear they would fall to the same fate. Those he sent to investigate came back with frightening tales of sirens claiming more than half their numbers and wreaking havoc on the boat before a few of the men were allowed to escape.

For the first time in a century the tattooed beauty who was often found sun bathing near the beach had a reason to smile.

Posters went up, looking to hire who ever was willing to eliminate the sirens from the islandsí waters. There was not a single street or providence on the Midnight Isle that did not host a poster. The work would be dangerous, but the promise of reward was enough to strike the interest of many. A steady line of willing hands, both able and desperate, began to stream into the port-masterís office.

(OOC: The first game to meet with the port-master to toss in your hat will be on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 @ 8:00pm CST in the Midnight Isle room.)

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