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Date: Jul 12, 2010 - 03:09 PM
Domain of the goddess Noelani and ruled by King Priest Lucas, this tropical island is a hub of carnal delight. Demons, vampires, and night elves prowl the 17 hour darkness, seeking to constantly sate their basest desires and appease the mysterious goddess who dwells within the bowels of Mount Sumfyal- the massive volcano that dominates the black sand beaches on the islandís northern shores.

Daily eruptions send molten lava surging into the indigo waters that surround the lush tropical isle and as each gush of fiery liquid cools along the ocean floor, it becomes part of the labyrinthine network of tunnels leading down into the heart of the Vvrock'uvin- home of the drow who live deep beneath the ocean bedrock.

Verdant rain forest and fragrant tropical flowers sway in the warm breezes that caress Midnight Isle and weave an intoxicating cloak of desire over the land and its people. No pleasure is taboo in this land and when the spirit of lust takes hold, few are able to resist its power. Slaves, whores and free men and women writhe in moonlight alleys and along the beaches for the glory of their own bodies and that of their goddess. Deception, mystery and wanton sex lurk in every shadow and so long as you do not carry the blood of beasts in your veins, you are welcome to delve into the world of Midnight.

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