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The Sirens' Song

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Date: Apr 03, 2012 - 08:54 AM
The short days and long nights made the perfect setting for a fiery portrait of destruction. A grand vessel, the largest privately owned cargo ship on the island burned in a glorious lapping of orange, red, and yellow flame. The dark water reflected the heated colors across the rippling surface of the rolling sea. The treated timbers burned slowly, lighting the night sky and sending a smoky plume high in the air, visible for miles.

The dance of the flames was accompanied by a haunting song. Beauty dotted the water, bobbing with the slow rolling waves. The sirens' song was alluring, drawing those within ear shot to the beach to bear witness to the death of the ship and all aboard.

Amongst the gathered crowd was a woman, tall, statuesque, and blonde. The smile that dared not pull on her lips could not be withheld from her twinkle in her eyes.

The chorus of the song remained steady a trio of voices rose above the rest...

"We are the roll of the waves,
The glimmer that saves.

The freedom you taste
Is ours to take.

Your devious ways
Led to trust betrayed.

Our vengeance is strong
And before your death
You will all know our song..."

As the voices melded back together a sudden surge of waves carried the bodies of the bloated crewmen to the shore. Their faces were distorted with terror, some lacking eyes, claw marks scored down their cheeks.

To the rhythm of the bodies rocking on the wet sand the song faded into silence. Lips foaming a bloody, salty pink let out a cry. A lone survivor. "They are back," he shakingly said, his face falling slack, his eyes glazed with death's terror.

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