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A Siren's Hope

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Date: Jun 10, 2012 - 11:37 AM
Aldhard Irenues had been a simple man who had earned great acclaim as a sorcerer. His power had come from constant study and a never ending hunger to learn. Elfin blood had nearly worked its way out of his family line, but enough lingered to give those with Irenues blood a longer life than most. Aldhard sadly out lived his wife by a generation. It was around 140 years of age that he felt death’s gentle touch settle around him.

In his life he sired two children. The son he loved was stolen from him by Liviana. His daughter, a beautiful thing with her family’s characteristic sandy blonde hair and haunting pale eyes.

Therasia had watched her father on the night that he trapped the Siren Queen in human form after the queen has killed her older brother. Before that dreadful night she never had much interest in magic, but watching the power her father wielded changed her mind. The young girl was the only witness and it forged a bond between her father and her. From then on he took her under his wing and taught her everything - even the spells that bound the Siren Queen.

After her father’s death she retreated to the forest to work of tapping into the natural energy of the island and expand her power.

73 years later...

The family name of Irenues had faded into idle myth, lost amongst the names of old sorcerers of power. But that worked well for Therasia. Seclusion was her preference.

Like her father, rumors of Therasia circle through some of the lower class bars in the form of drunken stories and stupid dares about venturing near a crazy witch’s land.

The accounts vary on how much land the witch claimed and how well it might be boobie trapped. What she does do with the ones that reach her home? Well, the stories say no one has ever survived that far, or maybe she eats them if they do.

The name of Irenues was only loosely tied to the crazy witch but for those who needed a lead to follow, it would have to do. For the secrets of the Siren Queen's binding lie with that family.

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